Honor view 10 colors

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honor view 10 colors

09.02.2019  · "Glamorous" isn't the first word that springs to mind when thinking of Honor smartphones, but to my surprise, it actually fits the Honor View 20 quite well ...

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I can't think of a more fitting first phone review for 2019 than Huawei's Honor View 20. Announced in the waning days of December 2018 for China first, the Honor View 20 is a visually mesmerizing Android Pie phone whose midtier price belies all the features Huawei's stuffed inside and out: a 48-megapixel camera on the back alongside a 3D stereo lens. A 6.4-inch display with razor-thin bezels. A 25-megapixel camera on the front, with a hole-punch opening instead of a notch. A visually showstopping finish. A 4,000-mAh battery and 125GB or 256GB of on-board storage. And a headphone jack!

I won't blame you for doing a double take because the Honor View 20 reads like a higher-end device on paper. For a £500, 569 euro and 2,999-yuan starting price, it has as much going on as many premium phones you can buy today at double the price. I can almost see it taunting Samsung 's upcoming Galaxy S10 : "I've got a ridiculously large 48-megapixel camera and 3D sensor, what about you ?"

The Chinese company is the world's second-largest phone brand, and one of the top sellers of telecommunications equipment. But some governments, including the US , Britain , Australia and New Zealand have banned the sale of Huawei networking products for fear of espionage. In the US, major retailer Best Buy stopped selling Huawei phones , although you can still buy some models on Amazon or through the Honor site .

Although Huawei tries to distance its Honor sub-brand, Honor phones are lumped into Huawei's 200 million unit sales numbers for 2018, and Honor personnel pass out Huawei business cards at press briefings. If it's hard to buy a Huawei phone where you live, it'll be hard to buy this Honor View 20, too. That said, if you're not someone in the business of keeping secrets -- a government employee, a journalist or a corporate executive -- there's probably little more to fear with this phone than with any other Android device.

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