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honor view 10 blue

The Honor View 20 is one of the first flagship phones of 2019 and it starts the year off with quite a show. A 48MP camera, 256GB of storage and a punch hole display mean this isn't the kind of phone we normally expect from Honor.

Its phones are often cast as lower-cost alternatives to those of Huawei, which already tends to undercut Samsung and Apple. Sure, the Honor View 20 lacks some of the features of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro , but it looks, feels and behaves like a top-end mobile.

If you can stomach its deliberately attention-grabbing finish, this is one of the most compelling phones of the moment. It's so good, in fact, that the Honor View 20 has earned a place in our best smartphone rundown - which is high praise indeed.

The rest of the world didn't have to wait too long for it to be reborn as the Honor View 20, though. The phone was announced on January 22 and by that time, it was already listed for sale on Amazon India.

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The 13MP & 2MP dual lens rear camera comes with fast-focus, making it easier than ever to take natural and lively photographs. Plus, you can also adjust the focus and refine your photos after you’ve taken the shot.

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